You should be the master of your data

Follo is built to solve the problem of privacy leaks of users, and give back the only access authority and ownership of private data to users.



Your data will be maintained invariably

Follo is devoted to free users from worrying about the falsification and loss of private data, and any private data will be stored permanently and remained invariably.



Your data will only create value for you

Follo is committed to help users acquire the right to private data, and provide users with personalized profitable method of private data.


Follo Platform


Users are data producers. Follo ecosystem would distribute FOL to users to motivate them to upload their private data. Follo help users benefit from their private data.


Personalized medicine

Users can disclose their medical records and health data to the third-party medical institutions to get personalized medical services.

Personalized insurance

For lower premiums and faster claims processing, individual users could disclose their travel paths/health information/financial information to the third-party insurance company. So do automobile users.


With AI, Follo can make the intelligent classification and analysis of data, and match the orders from third-party service providers smartly to provide personalized services to users.

Precision marketing

The model based on "location + user behavior" is the future of advertising industry. It is possible to determine the best placement location and make the advertising more valuable by analyzing the location data of the target group.

Location of Business

With location big data, companies can screen the surrounding effective traffic (i.e. potential customers) accurately to realize the commercial layout based on regional effective people traffic.

City Governance

With location big data, city governance personnel could achieve a more in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the target area to verify whether the regional planning plan is in line with actual needs or whether the layout is reasonable.


  • 2019Q1

    Launching the Follo official website and releasing the first version of whitepaper

  • 2019Q3

    Developing data acquisition platform and application to implement user data can be stored on the blockchain

  • 2020

    Accessing to the third-party data to expand data coverage sources

  • 2022

    Extending data diversity, such as automotive data, sensors, IOT, etc.

  • 2018Q4

    Outline the initial ideas of Follo and design the initial ecosystem

  • 2019Q2

    Establishing and publishing the POI token platform

  • 2019Q4

    Establishing the data trading platform to achieve ecological data circulation

  • 2021

    Establishing the data solution platform based on AI to provide a one-stop data solution for Business client

Core Team

Charles Sun

Co-Founder & CEO

M. Ec of ESSCA, expert in VC and Project Incubation, experienced practitioner and investor in Blockchain

Coco Cheng

Co-Founder & COO

MBA of SJTU, profound experience in MNC, with a unique perspective in the field of management/consulting/investment

Kant Li


B.CS of NJU, senior Development Engineer of Tencent, extensive developing experience in the field of large distributed systems/high performance systems, etc

Jack Li

Algorithm Scientist

Ph.D. of ZJU, big data algorithm scientist, senior Algorithm Engineer of Alibaba


Lisa Li

Big Data Security Legal Expert

LL.M. of CUFE, expert in big data security legal

James Wang

Token Economics Expert

Ph.D. in Economics, Prof in School of Economics of FDU, expert in Token Economics, early investor of Blockchain


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